Abernathy, TX

Established 2001
Warehouse Manager: Lance Soles
3051 IH 27-87
Abernathy, Texas  79311
(806) 757-2120

Team Members

Lance Soles
Warehouse Manager

Team Member Since 2006


Lance began as a service technician in 2006 out of the Abernathy location.  He then moved to manage the warehouse in 2008.  In addition to managing the Abernathy warehouse, Lance is part of a team that oversees all of our warehouses.

Miles Moudy
Fertilizer Plant Superintendant

Team Member Since 2012


Miles started with us straight out of Texas A&M with a degree in Agricultural System Management. He is in charge of our fertilizer blending facilities in Abernathy and Garden City.

Trey Hillger

Team Member Since 2008


Trey started with us straight out of Texas A&M with a degree in Agriculture Systems Management. Trey is involved in SDI design and sales, focusing on the counties north of Abernathy, TX.

Kevin Hillger, SDI Consultant

Kevin Hillger
SDI Consultant

Team Member Since 2013


Kevin is one of our most recent Texas A&M graduates with a degree in Ag Leadership. He is in sales, focusing on the counties surrounding the Abernathy location.

Robin Frerich
Human Resource Manager

Team Member Since 2004


Robin is our Human Resource manager, she is a 9 year veteran at Eco-Drip. She has a degree in Economics from Texas A&M

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