How have our products increased your bottom line?


Crop year 2013 was my first experience with the soil moisture probes. With this technology and the information it provided me, allowed me to double my cotton production. With each passing year I sense the ability to continue making cost saving decisions and increasing Production. This is nothing short of incredible technology.

- Ron Goebel, Hermleigh tx

I used 2 moisture probes, 1 in a drip field and 1 in a pivot field, for the 2013 crop year. They were very dependable, easy to access, and it was easy to understand the data. I will definitely use one on the drip system this year as it can pay for itself very easily in irrigation scheduling, especially late season.

- Scott Horne, Plainview, Tx

I used their moisture probes during the 2013 crop year and will continue to use going forward. The ability to actually know how much moisture your crop has and needs is such valuable information. One drip patch in particular I have been overwatering over the years and it has been keeping me from achieving high yields. With the probes I am now able to fine tune my irrigation schedule and deliver the correct amount of water when it is needed rather than guessing. Eco and Brady Hinson's customer service is second to none. They are readily available at anytime to help you understand and how to use the data that the probes provide.

- Anthony Furgeson, Shallowater Tx

I used the moisture probe under my pivot. I found it to be a useful tool. It was easy to use after instructions from the consultant.

- steven walker, crosbyton texas

The moisture probe they offer is a handy tool to have in combination with the their SDI. I used it this year and it honestly takes the guess work out of the "when and how much to water" question.

- Colton Merritt, Morton, TX