In 2009, Eco-Drip began researching phosphorus fertilizers that were capable of being injected through driplines in hard water areas without the use of acid.  Over the last five years, we have injected over 300,000 gallons of phosphorus and potassium in West Texas without any occurrences of plugging.

As expected, we have seen a great response from all crops.  This created a couple of questions.  When is the best time to apply P and K?  How much do we apply each time?  Unfortunately, there was very little research to answer these questions. 

This led us to start working with a plant and soil lab in South Texas.  By gathering petiole, soil, and leaf analysis over the last three years, we have learned what the plant is telling us it needs.  Most importantly, all of our analysis has been done on drip systems in West Texas, using West Texas water and soils.  We started to see trends in the lab recommendations each year.  We saw the same things growers in West Texas already knew, such as the application of a large amount of zinc.  We also saw some things that we didn’t know, such as the need of potassium even though most soil samples will say you have plenty.  Combining our years of lab results and what we have experienced in the field, we created ROOTRITION - A complete fertilizer developed for drip irrigation.