Remote Monitoring

Eco-Drip is committed to bringing you the latest in remote management technology. 


Soil Moisture Monitoring

Water is our most valuable natural resource and no one understands that more than today’s farmers.  Eco-Drip’s Moisture Monitoring System utilizes AquaCheck’s capacitance probe and AgSense’s AquaTrac to give you real time information on an easy to use web interface.  Whether you like hard numbers or graphical views, AquaCheck’s website has it covered. 

The placement of moisture sensors in subsurface drip irrigation systems is critical.  If not properly placed, the moisture senor could be useless.  At Eco-Drip, we have installed more moisture sensors in subsurface drip irrigation fields than anyone else.  We take into consideration your unique situation to determine the best placement for your moisture sensor, including dripline spacing, emitter spacing, emitter flow, planned crop and soil type. 

System Monitoring

Eco-Drip’s System Monitor reads three pressures, one flow and has the ability to control two relays.  The ability to graph pressures and flow in an SDI system is a great way of knowing that everything is working properly.  Since the top of the ground stays dry, the only way to know every zone is irrigating properly is by monitoring pressures and flow.   Eco-Drip’s System Monitor is powered by WagNet® and can text you when the pressures or flow are outside customizable thresholds.